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Dancebeat School of dance hip hop ballet jazz and tap preschool to adult classes in West Auckland

Learn to dance at Dancebeat School of Dance.

Learn Ballet, Breakdance, Hip Hop, Jazz and Tap classes in a fun and positive environment. Dance classes start with preschool and adults can take up dancing too (Hip Hop and Jazz). Just pick from our dance styles then check out our timetable for all our dance class levels and times.

Spacious premises

Dancebeat now boasts one of New Zealand's largest dance studio floors at its new 320 square metre premises, of which the largest studio measures approx. 175sqm with over 14 metres of 2 metre tall mirrors and over 22 metres of mirrors in total.

New studios

Newly sanded and polished state-of-art bouncy floating wooden floors that won't hurt your joints span the studio from wall to wall and right into clean and tidy toilets. New, full-length 2 metre tall mirrors and fresh paint line the studios.

Love hip hop? Take hip hop dance classes at Dancebeat School of Dance in Te Atatu West Auckland

Plenty of parking

For your convenience we offer more than 20 dedicated parking spaces right outside our doors. There is also plenty of off-street parking.

Focus on fun

Our dance classes and lessons are fun and upbeat, catering to all dance levels in ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop from beginners right up to to advanced and experienced dancers.
You can learn to dance or improve on your current abilities in an inclusive and positive setting to the latest tunes and the classics. Dancing is a healthy and fun way to get moving and exercising and releasing some energy. Our dance classes and lessons will surely get your groove on, so put on your dance shoes and let's dance!!!

Love to dance? Take dance lessons at Dancebeat School of Dance in Te Atatu West Auckland


Ballet is a highly technical form of dance usually performed to classical music. Ballet dance also includes mime and acting, set to music. Our Ballet Dance students are encouraged to be expressive with their movements and to be creative. A bonus of taking a ballet dance class is the students will also learn a great deal of the French language as all ballet moves have French names! Classical ballet dance is a graceful style of dance which encourages flexibility, muscle development, balance and good posture. It is the most disciplined dance form we offer, although keeping with Dancebeat’s motto classes are still great fun!! Ballet Dance teaches technique which can be applied in all other dance form, and is essential for a well-rounded dancer. Students will learn the basic and will also learn to turn and leap like they never thought possible..

Dancebeat provides a fun, quality dance education and training program that promotes the artistic, musical and technical development of each student. Whether pursuing ballet for recreational purposes or a professional career, the school offers a solid base in classical ballet.



Straight from the streets to the studio our hip hop classes are designed to get you moving. Set to the newest and phattest hip hop beats, students will learn the basic hip hop moves and funky hip hop routines. Hip hop dance originated in street dance, usually danced to RnB, hip hop or rap music. Hip hop culture is big today and when students take hip hip classes they also get to experience the fun side of this dance style! Our hiphop dance classes include a wide range of styles such as breaking, popping, locking, krumping, and house dance. It also includes hiphop styles such as old school hip hop (or hype), hip hop new style and freestyle. Hip-hop dance is very popular today and students will learn a variety of moves they can show off to their friends!! We offer hip hop dance classes for kids and adults so check out our timetable for all our hip hop classes and pick your level.

Hip hop dancing promotes coordination and agility, it increases fitness encourages confidence on and off the dance floor through the freestyle hip hop lessons we offer. Our Hip hop dance lessons use the latest sounds in RnB, Urban, Rap, Dance Music and Pop, to make the classes diverse, energetic and fun! Hip Hop's dance elements of breaking, poppin' n locking, as well as freestyle movement give students the opportunity to develop their own dance style.



Jazz dance is a great way to learn the technique of dance, whilst also getting to groove to the newest pop tunes. Jazz dancing encourages flexibility and discipline and the kids also get to let loose with some funky dancing too Stretching is a major part of every jazz class as jazz is a very acrobatic form of dance. Students also learn to turn, kick and jump. Today, jazz dance is present in many different varieties. Jazz dance is performed by dance companies worldwide. It continues to be an essential element of musical theatre. Jazz dancing can be seen in many pop music videos. A jazz dancer needs to be an all round performer so students are also taught how to act and express themselves to the music. Jazz dance is a great dance form to start with if you are unsure of exactly what type of dance you would like to learn as it incorporates moves from ballet, tap and hip hop dance..

Dancebeat Jazz class students learn essential dance skills including flexibility and body coordination, along with improvisational and self expression skills. Our classes are taught by dedicated, experienced and highly qualified dance teachers able to provide energy, expertise, enthusiasm and of course FUN!



Tap dance originated in the USA during the 19th century, and is popular today in many parts of the world. The name comes from the sound made when the small metal tap-plates on the dancer's shoes touch the floor. This lively, rhythmic tapping makes the performer not only a dancer, but also a percussive musician. Tap dance is a classic dance form which continues to evolve as time goes on. Tap students will get to dance to a variety of music, from jazz to pop, from hiphop to soul!!

At a beginner level, you will learn how to warm-up followed by tap technique and sequences taught in a step-by-step progression. This begins with simple steps to increase flexibility, improve rhythm, and build co-ordination. Each class steadily advances to more challenging techniques and on to high-energy Tap dance combinations. We offer tap dancing classes for kids and adults, so come and join us.Tap dancing is an energetic dance style great for co-ordination; students are taught rhythm and how to hear the beat of music, they learn style, technique and musicality through percussive footwork.

Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor!
Dancebeat School of Dance

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